5G-Xcast participates at IEEE 5G Summit in Trento

Dr. Manuel Fuentes from Samsung participated at the IEEE 5G Summit in Trento, Italy, on March 6, 2018 and presented “the role of broadcast in 5G New Radio and beyond”. Dr. Fuentes focused on the use of broadcast as a key technology for 5G and explained in detail the different use cases defined within the [...]

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5G-Xcast at EBU Forecast 2017

Several Members from the 5G-XCast consortium presented at the EBU Forecast 2017 seminar which took place at the EBU in Geneva (https://tech.ebu.ch/forecast17). The seminar looks forward, asking how media content will be delivered in five, ten or 15 years’ time; looking at the evolution of consumption patterns, media genres and distribution technologies. Steve Appleby (BT) - [...]

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PIMRC 2017 Panel on Unlicensed spectrum

Dr. Belkacem Mouhouche, represented 5G-Xcast project at the IEEE PIMRC 2017 conference where he participated in a Panel discussion on “Unlicensed spectrum potential for 5G” along with representatives from Qualcomm, InterDigital and Comcast. Belkacem gave a presentation on the 5G-Xcast project’s scope and objectives and then explored some point to multipoint applications that might use [...]

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Presentation of 5G-Xcast at DTG Spectrum Access Forum

Dr. David Vargas from BBC presented the 5G-Xcast project at the DTG Spectrum Access forum in London, UK. The DTG is a UK innovation centre in digital media technology with industry members across digital media chain. David provided an overview of the goals and research topics addressed in the 5G-Xcast project which was very well [...]

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5G-Xcast participates at IEEE 5G Summit Montreal

Belkacem Mouhouche from Samsung, 5G-Xcast dissemination leader, participated at the 5G Summit in Montreal held in parallel with the IEEE PIMRC 2017 conference. Belkacem gave a talk on the “challenge of broadcast support in future 5G networks”. During his talk, Belkacem insisted on the utility of Point to Multipoint transmissions and their role in future [...]

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5G-Xcast project presented at IEEE 5G Summit Helsinki

Dr. Mikko A. Uusitalo from Nokia Bell Labs presented our 5G-Xcast project at the IEEE 5G-IoT Summit Helsinki, as part of his talk on 'Wireless for Verticals'. During the talk, he focused on the role of vertical industries such as media & entertainment (which is one of the main focus areas of 5G-Xcast), in the context of overall 5G networks.

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5G-Xcast presented at the 5G C-Tech Forum at IBC 2017

Advisory Board Co-Chair Matt Stagg (EE/BT) presented his 5G vision for the media vertical and introduced the 5G-Xcast project in the session of the 5G C-Tech Forum: Will 5G Change the Broadcasting Value Chain and Value Proposition(s)? In his presentation Matt stressed the importance of considering all the requirements of the complete media chain in [...]

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5G-Xcast project presented at IEEE 5G Summit Thessaloniki

Dr. Louis Christodoulou presented the 5G-Xcast project in the IEEE 5G Summit Thessaloniki (http://www.5gsummit.org/index.htm) with emphasis on how we could leverage broadcast in 5G to great benefit in key verticals. The very use cases and verticals the 5G-Xcast project will directly address resonated throughout the day, certainly with respect to the challenge and demand of multimedia [...]

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EUCNC 2017 5G-PPP Special Session

Prof. David Gomez-Barquero presented the 5G-Xcast project in a special session to the 5G-PPP projects at the EUCNC 2017 conference. Bernard Barani asked about the project test beds and which spectrum bands will be considered. Prof Gomez-Barquero answered by giving a brief overview of the test beds. The session attracted a large audience interested in [...]

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EUCNC 2017 Poster Session

Prof. David Gomez-Barquero presented the 5G-Xcast project in a poster session at the EUCNC 2017 conference. Other project presented in the poster sessions were: COHERENT, 5GCAR and 5G TANGO. The session allowed project leaders to give an overview of the projects and answer questions in a very interactive way.

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