5G-Xcast is proud to announce that deliverable D4.2 on Converged Core Network is now public and available on free download from this link.

There is an increasing expectation from consumers to be able to use any service, at anytime, anywhere on any network access in a seamless manner. In order to meet this and other key requirements, the authors see the 5G System as an opportunity for industry to define a fully converged fixed and mobile architecture. This document describes the key drivers, benefits and use cases for full network convergence. An evaluation of current methodologies for providing partial network convergence is discussed. A number of key technologies for 5G were investigated including network slicing and caching mechanisms. As the work in standards bodies increases in this area, the current activities are outlined before highlighting some of the limitations of current mechanisms for partial convergence and how the 5G-Xcast architecture could address those gaps by fulfilling a set of key technical requirements. The document provides a number of alternative architectural solutions in order to address those key requirements.