The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) has commissioned DotEcon Ltd (DotEcon) and Axon Partners Group Consulting SL (Axon) to produce a report following a study on the implications of the 5G deployment on future business models.
This study will help BEREC improve its understanding of 5G in terms of the key technologies and emerging services, as well as the challenges and enablers for success. The considered time-period is mid-term horizon (from 2018-2022). In particular, BEREC would like to understand the implications of 5G for market structure, market dynamics and competition in the telecommunications market and other related markets.

5G-Xcast is a 5GPPP Phase II project focused on Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers For the Fifth Generation of Wireless Systems. The report refers to the project as one of the flagship projects that is assessing 5G solutions and  requirements for future media. A brief description of the Work Packages as well as the use cases are described. Along other case studies, 5G-Xcast is used as a reference example for the future of broadcasting case study for Media and Entertainment.

Link to the report.