5G-Xcast project attended the Workshop on 3GPP submission towards IMT-2020, held by the 3GPP in the European Commission, Brussels, during the last 24 and 25 October. The event, which was organised by the 3GPP, aimed to inform all the ITU Evaluation Groups and interested experts about the 3GPP contribution performed to analyse the existing radio interface technologies towards the IMT-2020 Evaluation Process.

3GPP Submission

During the Workshop, the IMT-2020 ‘submission templates’ together with the service, spectrum and performance results achieved by 3GPP Radio Interface Technologies (RITs) or Set of Radio Interface Technologies (SRITs) were presented. The presentations also described the details of the submissions in order to show the evaluation groups the technical merits of the 3GPP proposal (encompassing NR and LTE) and its ability to meet the IMT-2020 objectives.

The official 3GPP submission to ITU will contain both Release 15 and Release 16 functionalities and it will be submitted by mid-July 2019.

5GIA Independent Evaluation Group

5G-Xcast attended the workshop as one of the representatives of the 5G Infrastructure Association (5GIA) evaluation group, which is composed by four 5G-PPP projects: 5G-Xcast, One5G, 5G-MoNArch and 5G-ESSENCE. Reflecting the importance of the event, the four projects were represented at the Workshop.

From the 5GIA perspective, the Workshop was a good opportunity to know more about the 3GPP technologies and to solve some questions about the performance of the 5G NR RAN. All these inputs will add value to the future 5GIA submission to ITU for the IMT-2020 Evaluation.

More details about the Workshop and the files presented during the event can be found at the following link: http://www.3gpp.org/news-events/3gpp-news/1976-imt_2020