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Date Event  Location / Venue Title
7 March 2018  Joint Workshop with Speed5G London, UK Advanced spectrum management in 5G+ networks 
15 April 2018 IEEE WCNC 2018 Barcelona, Spain Joint Workshop with One5G on Centimetre and Millimetre Wave based communications for 5G Networks
08 June 2018  IEEE BMSB 2018 Valencia, Spain Point-to-Multipoint as Key Technology Element for 5G Systems
EUCNC 2018 Conference Ljubljana, Slovenia Workshop on Vertical Industries & Services for 5G (VIS5G)
IEEE 5G World Forum Santa Clara, CA, USA 5G World Forum
IEEE Globecom Abu Dhabi, UAE  Joint Workshop with One5G on “5G Advanced: The Next Evolution Step of 5G NR”


Date Event  Location / Venue Partner Type Title
 08 Jun 2017 IEEE BMSB 2017 Conference Cagliari, Italy UPV Keynote Talk Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers for the Fifth-Generation of Wireless Systems
 14 Jun 2017 EUCNC 2017 Conference Oulu, Finland UPV Oral presentation Presentation of the 2nd Phase project: 5G-PPP 5G-Xcast
 11 Jul 2017 5G Thessaloniki Summit Thessaloniki, Greece Samsung Oral presentation 5G-Xcast , developing Broadcast and Multicast capabilities for the 5G
  17 Sep 2017 FOBTV IBC 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands UPV Oral presentation Presentation about 5G-Xcast at FOBTV
 18 Sep 2017 5G IOT Helsinki Summit Helsinki, Finland Nokia Oral presentation Wireless for Verticals
 09 Oct 2017 5G Summit Montreal Montreal, Canada Samsung Oral presentation The Challenge of Broadcast Support in 5G Systems
 11 Oct 2017 IEEE PRIMC 2017 Conference Montreal, Canada Samsung Panel Role of Unlicensed Spectrum in Next Generation Wireless Systems
19 Oct 2017 DTG Spectrum Access Forum London, UK BBC Oral presentation Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers for 5G
 10 Nov 2017 5GIC Standards Sub Group meeting Guildford, UK UNIS, BBC Oral presentation Xcast Enabler for 5G
 23 Nov 2017 EBU Forecast 2017 Geneva, Switzerland BT Oral presentation Unified content delivery on fixed and mobile networks
24 Nov 2017 EBU Forecast 2017 Geneva, Switzerland UPV Oral presentation All you want to know about 5G-Xcast project
 26 Feb 2018 BES Expo 2018 New Delhi, India UPV Opening Keynote The Disruption of 5G in Broadcast
 28 Feb 2018 BES Expo 2018 New Delhi, India UPV Keynote Talk and Panel Broadcast in 5G
 06 Mar 2018 5G Summit Trento Trento, Italy Samsung Oral presentation The role of broadcast in 5G new radio and beyond
 06 Mar 2018 Advanced Spectral Management in 5G+ Networks  London, UK BT  Oral presentation Unified Content Delivery over Fixed and Mobile Networks
 21 Mar 2018 WIVE Project Seminar Helsinki, Finland Nokia Oral Presentation 5G-Xcast: Enabling mass media delivery and interconnected social experiences in the 5G era
 15 Apr 2018 IEEE WCNC 2018 Barcelona, Spain Surrey Keynote Talk 5G, Any Service Any Cast, a Special Generation
 16 Apr 2018 IEEE BTS Young Professionals Workshop 2018 Reggio Calabria, Italy UPV Keynote Broadcast and Multicast Communications Enablers for 5G
 07 Apr 2018 NAB Show 2018 Las Vegas, USA Nokia Tutorial 5G – A Key Enabler for New Verticals and Markets
 26 Apr 2018 5G Forum Malaga, Spain UPV Keynote 5G-Xcast
 02 May 2018 5G Summit Hammamet Hammamet, Tunisia Samsung Oral presentation Research and Standard Trends in Broadcast for Future 5G Cellular Systems
 22 May 2018 5G Summit Brasilia Brasilia, Brazil Samsung Oral presentation 5G Broadcast Use Cases and their Impact on Society and Citizens
 20 May 2018 5G Summit Tangiers Tangiers, Morocoo Nokia Oral presentation TBD