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Official Project File Downloads

This page is where you can find all official 5GXcast public deliverables, presentations and scientific papers. The 5GXcast project will produce a series of deliverables at key milestones of the project as listed in the table to the right; as these milestones are met, the deliverables will become available for download.

Project Milestones

Milestone Name Related WP Due Date
1 Kick-off Meeting WP1 June 2017
2 Use cases, Requirements and KPIs defined WP2 October 2017
3 Initial plans for test-bed integration, demonstrators and showcase completed WP6 November 2017
4 State-of-the-art benchmark performed: radio, transport, application layers (e.g. 3GPP Rel’14) WP3, WP4, WP5 November 2017
5 Preliminary design of 5G Broadcast New Radio and New Core WP3, WP4 May 2018
6 Converged Core and Content Distribution Networks Specified WP4, WP5 November 2018
7 Deployment and Integration of Test-Beds WP6 February 2019
8  Development of PoC Prototypes WP3, WP4, WP5 February 2019
9  Deployment of Demonstrators and Showcase WP6 May 2019

File Download Area


ID Title Deadline Link
D2.1 Definition of Use Cases, Requirements and KPIs Oct 2017 (M5)

News Article

D2.2 Technology Delivery against Use Cases Jan 2019 (M20)
D2.3 Future Work and Longer-Term Use Cases May 2019 (M24)
ID Title Deadline Link
D3.1 Performance of LTE Advanced Pro (Rel’14) eMBMS Nov 2017 (M6)



D3.2 Air Interface Nov 2018 (M18)
D3.3 RAN Architecture Feb 2019 (M21)
D3.4 RAT Protocols and RRM May 2019 (M24)
ID Title Deadline Link
D4.1 Mobile Core Network May 2018 (M12)  

D4.2 Converged Core Network and Architecture Aug 2018 (M15)
D4.3 Session Control and Management Nov 2018 (M18)
ID Title Deadline Link
D5.1 Content Delivery Vision Nov 2017 (M6)



D5.2 Key Technologies for the Content Distribution Network Aug 2018 (M15)
D5.3 Application and Service Layer Intelligence Nov 2018 (M18)
ID Title Deadline Link
D6.1 Development of Showcase and Demonstrators Feb 2019 (M21)
D6.2 Test-Beds Integration and Deployment Feb 2019 (M21)
D6.3 Final Evaluation and Validation May 2019 (M24)
ID Title Deadline Link
D7.1 Dissemination Report May 2019 (M24)
D7.2 Exploitation and Standardization Report May 2019 (M24)


Date Title File
24 Nov 2017 EBU Forecast 2017 – Presentation – “All you want to know about the 5G-XCAST Project” David Gomez Barquero (UPV) – Geneva  (
23 Nov 2017 EBU Forecast 2017 – Presentation – “Unified service delivery on fixed and mobile networks” Steve Appleby (BT) – Geneva  (
12 Jun 2017 EUCNC 2017 Poster – Oulu, Finland (
11 Jul 2017 IEEE 5G Summit Thessaloniki (

Scientific Papers

Date Title and Information File


Designing a Testbed Infrastructure for Experimental Validation and Trialing of 5G Vertical Applications – Juha Kalliovaara (TUAS), Reijo Ekman, Jarkko Paavola, Tero Jokela, Juhani Hallio, Jani Auranen, Pekka Talmola, and Heikki Kokkine