5G-Xcast is proud to announce that deliverable D4.3 on Session Control and Management is now released and can be downloaded from this link.

This Deliverable describes the 5G-Xcast Sessions and the Session initiation call flows that the Multicast/Broadcast mechanisms use. The Session management described in this Deliverable enables the architectural alternatives described in the Deliverable D4.1 on 5G-Xcast mobile core network. It details the call flows for the use cases described in the Deliverable D2.1 on Definition of Use Cases, Requirements and KPIs, being Media and Entertainment (M&E) and Public Warning Systems (PWS). These call flows support the initiation of Multicast/Broadcast Sessions for media delivery to mass, in an efficient manner. This Deliverable also provides a baseline for the 3GPP standardization of multicast/broadcast in 5G.