5G-Xcast Videos

Video Description
1 5G-Xcast Introduction: This video is an introduction to our project and the challenges that aims to solve.
2 5G-Xcast Testbed – UNIS: This video introduces the 5GIC (5G Innovation Centre) testbed at UNIS (University of Surrey) and how it will be used within the 5G-Xcast project.
3 5G-Xcast Testbed – IRT: This video introduces the IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik) testbed and how it will be used within the 5G-Xcast project.
4 5G-Xcast Use Cases: This video introduces the use cases defined in the 5G-Xcast project.
5 5G-Xcast Cartoon: This cartoon video promotes the adoption of point-to-multipoint capabilities in 5G illustrating the different verticals and use cases considered in the project.
6 5G-Xcast Testbed – TUAS: This video introduces the 5GTNT (5G TestNetwork Turku) in Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), and how it will be used within the 5G-Xcast project.
7 5G-Xcast Interviews – EuCNC 2018: Darko Ratkaj and David Gomez-Barquero shared their views about the use of 5G for the Media Vertical and the 5G-Xcast progress during the last edition of the EuCNC, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 18-21 June 2018.
8 5G-Xcast – TUAS and Fairspectrum Dynamic Spectrum Use Demonstration : This video presents dynamic spectrum use demonstration for LTE co-existence on 2.3 GHz band. The demonstration was performed by Fairspectrum and Turku University of Applied Sciences.
9 5G-Xcast – Layer 2 FEC in 5G Broadcast/Multicast Networks: This video demonstrates layer 2 FEC coupled with feedback to implement highly efficient, reliable packet delivery for broadcast/multicast applications. The benefits over the state of the art schemes are illustrated by Nomor’s system level simulator.
10 The 5G-Xcast Trial of Hybrid Broadcast Service: This video presents the 5G-Xcast showcase performed during the 2018 edition of the European Championships. Live TV contents were transmitted over LTE eMBMS including HbbTV signaling. The demonstration, which was carried out by the IRT in collaboration with the EBU, showed how audiovisual content can be produced in the state-of-the-art formats both live and on-demand and how it can be distributed to large audiences in the 5G environment.
11 5G-Xcast conducted the first live demonstration of video delivery over 5G during the Mobile World Congress’ last edition, held 25-28 February in Barcelona. The demonstration, which was jointly performed by IRT, EBU and Enensys-Expway, showed the concept of large scale media delivery in 5G powered by MooD and free-to-air distribution of enhanced media services to TVs and smartphones.