CrownCom17 invited paper on “Designing a Testbed Infrastructure for Experimental Validation and Trialing of 5G Vertical Applications”

Dr. Juha Kalliovaara from TUAS (Turku University of Applied Sciences), co-authored with partners Nokia and Fairspectrum,  presents a paper on “Designing a Testbed Infrastructure for Experimental Validation and Trialing of 5G Vertical Applications” at the 12th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks. This paper describes the design of a testbed for [...]

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5G-Xcast project presented at IEEE 5G Summit Helsinki

Dr. Mikko A. Uusitalo from Nokia Bell Labs presented our 5G-Xcast project at the IEEE 5G-IoT Summit Helsinki, as part of his talk on 'Wireless for Verticals'. During the talk, he focused on the role of vertical industries such as media & entertainment (which is one of the main focus areas of 5G-Xcast), in the context of overall 5G networks.

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5G-Xcast present at the FOBTV Session at IBC 2017

5G-Xcast project manager David Gomez-Barquero presented an overview of 5G-Xcast at the technical module of FOBTV (Future Broadcast Television), The presentation initiated a very intense and interesting discussion about the possibility of 5G to become the future worldwide standard for television broadcasting.

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First advisory board meeting of 5G-Xcast at IBC 2017

The first advisory board meeting of 5G-Xcast took place on September 17th at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The advisory board co-chairs Roland Beutler (SWR) and Matt Stagg (EE/BT) chaired the meeting. The meeting was attended by 5G-Xcast partners BT, Broadpeak, Expway, IRT and UPV, and by the advisory board members CRC (Canada), ETRI (South [...]

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5G-Xcast presented at the 5G C-Tech Forum at IBC 2017

Advisory Board Co-Chair Matt Stagg (EE/BT) presented his 5G vision for the media vertical and introduced the 5G-Xcast project in the session of the 5G C-Tech Forum: Will 5G Change the Broadcasting Value Chain and Value Proposition(s)? In his presentation Matt stressed the importance of considering all the requirements of the complete media chain in [...]

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5GXcast 2nd Face to Face Project Meeting in Surrey University, Guildford UK

It has been a busy week for the 5GXcast consortium. On Wednesday 13th we concluded our second face to face project meeting hosted at the University of Surrey 5GIC. Whilst some sessions were parallel, allowing work packages to focus in on internal tasks, there was emphasis on joint, cross work package sessions. This gave way [...]

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Joint meeting with 5GPPP Sat-5G project at 5GIC

We are happy to report on our first joint meeting with the 5GPPP Sat-5G project at 5GIC in Guildford (UK). The two projects presented their use cases and their initial plans for the demonstrations. The possibility of making a joint demonstration between the two projects was identified as one outstanding cooperation topic. The two projects [...]

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