5G-Xcast present at the FOBTV Session at IBC 2017

5G-Xcast project manager David Gomez-Barquero presented an overview of 5G-Xcast at the technical module of FOBTV (Future Broadcast Television), www.fobtv.org. The presentation initiated a very intense and interesting discussion about the possibility of 5G to become the future worldwide standard for television broadcasting.

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First advisory board meeting of 5G-Xcast at IBC 2017

The first advisory board meeting of 5G-Xcast took place on September 17th at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The advisory board co-chairs Roland Beutler (SWR) and Matt Stagg (EE/BT) chaired the meeting. The meeting was attended by 5G-Xcast partners BT, Broadpeak, Expway, IRT and UPV, and by the advisory board members CRC (Canada), ETRI (South [...]

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5G-Xcast presented at the 5G C-Tech Forum at IBC 2017

Advisory Board Co-Chair Matt Stagg (EE/BT) presented his 5G vision for the media vertical and introduced the 5G-Xcast project in the session of the 5G C-Tech Forum: Will 5G Change the Broadcasting Value Chain and Value Proposition(s)? In his presentation Matt stressed the importance of considering all the requirements of the complete media chain in [...]

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