5G-Xcast project was present at the #5GMEDIAROAD2019, a two days event on 5G media production and distribution organised by the 5G-PPP MediaRoad project and hosted by IRT. The event held during 8th and 9th May counted with the collaboration of multiple projects and initiatives like 5G Media and served as the scenario for the launch of the 5G TODAY testfield.Several 5G-Xcast partners were present in the event:

Matthew Stagg (BT Sport) presented the potential role of 5G role in media production and mentioned the Work in 5G-Xcast related to media distribution.

Dr. Jordi Joan Gimenez (IRT) described the 3-step 5G-Xcast approach for 5G Mixed Mode multicast/broadcast delivery and NR-based Terrestrial Broadcast in the media vertical, highlighting the use of enabled 5G-NR carriers alongside NG-RAN and 5GC architectures to broadcast a variety of media services from traditional TV and radio to live OTT streaming.

Ece Öztürk (Nomor) showed a preliminary version of the reliable multicast delivery in 5G networks demo based on Nomor’s system level simulator. The demonstration highlighted the effects of using application layer methods, such as DASH streaming and Multilink technology on the efficiency and reliability of multicast delivery. The brochure of the demonstration can be found here.

All the slides presented by the different 5G-Xcast partners can be found at the IRT website.

5GMediaRoad2019 was the ideal scenario to present the unprecedented 5G-Xcast outcome, which stands out as a global solution for media delivery using a single technology, 5G, and able to be configured for mobile and broadcast networks.