5G-Xcast keynote at 2019 IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) Young Professionals Workshop

Professor David Gomez-Barquero, Project Manager of 5G-Xcast, gave a keynote on 5G Challenges and Opportunities for Media Innovation at the 2019 IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) Young Professionals workshop organized by Brunel University in Uxbridge, West London (UK). The theme of the workshop was “5G Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation in Broadband Multimedia and Broadcasting”. [...]

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5G-Xcast live demonstration of video delivery over 5G at Mobile World Congress 2019

5G-Xcast conducted the first live demonstration of video delivery over 5G during the Mobile World Congress’ last edition, held 25-28 February in Barcelona. The demonstration, which was jointly performed by IRT, EBU and Enensys-Expway, showed the concept of large scale media delivery in 5G powered by MooD and free-to-air distribution of enhanced media services to [...]

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5G-Xcast 8th Face-to-Face Meeting hosted by IRT in Munich

By second time in the project´s life, Munich and IRT headquarters were the venue of a 5G-Xcast face-to-face meeting. From the 2nd to the 4th of April, 5G-Xcast partners met for the last time to define the final steps of the project. Among the topics discussed, the final tasks carried out in all the work [...]

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Deliverable D3.3 on RAN Logical Architecture and Interfaces for 5G-Xcast now available

5G-Xcast is proud to announce that deliverable D3.3 on RAN Logical Architecture and Interfaces for 5G-Xcast is now released and can be downloaded from this link. The first 3GPP release of 5G technology (Rel’15), also known as NR (New Radio), was completed in 2018. This release of standards is focused on unicast communications in the [...]

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5G-Xcast participation at 5G Vertical User Workshop

Dr. Manuel Fuentes from Universitat Politècnica de València represented the 5G-Xcast project in the 5G Vertical User Workshop, held in Brussels from 12th to 13th February. The workshop, as an initiative of a subset of European 3GPP Market Representatives, established a very collaborative event for strategic dialogue between vertical industries and 3GPP. A series of [...]

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5G-Xcast participation at EU-India Stakeholders’ Workshop on 5G Technology Landscape

Dr. Belkacem Mouhouche, technical manager of 5G-Xcast, represented the project during the India-EU Stakeholders Workshop on 5G Technology Landscape organized by Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI) together with the 5G Infrastructure Association (5GIA) and Broadband India Forum (BIF).  The workshop, held 5-6 February in New Delhi, provided delegates from different 5G-PPP European projects (IoRL, 5GMoNArcH, Sat5G, NGPaas and [...]

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Now available Deliverable D2.2 on Analysis of the Technical Developments Against the Use Cases

5G-Xcast is proud to announce that deliverable Deliverable D2.2 on Analysis of the Technical Developments Against the Use Cases is now public and available on free download from this link. This final version of D2.2 provides an analysis of the technical developments within the project against the use cases and their respective requirements developed in deliverable D2.1. It [...]

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5G-Xcast 7th Face to Face Meeting hosted by Bundleslab in Budapest

The cold Hungary gave a warm welcome to the 7th 5G-Xcast face-to-face meeting, hosted by Bundleslab at the magnificent city of Budapest. From the 15th to the 17th of January, 5G-Xcast partners met again to track the progress of the home straight of the project. As part of this last stage, all the work packages [...]

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Joint One5G and 5G-Xcast Workshop at the IEEE Globecom 2018 Conference

5G-PPP projects One5G and 5G-Xcast organised a joint workshop at the IEEE Globecom 2018 conference on the 13th of December 2018 in the sunny city of Abu Dhabi, UAE. The workshop programme consisted of a keynote speech, three paper sessions and one the local industry impact of 5G. The workshop extended for the full day and was the second joint workshop between [...]

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5G-Xcast participation at CAP Implementation Workshop 2018

Menno Bot (one2many) represented 5G-Xcast project at the 2018 Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Implementation Workshop, held in Hong Kong, China, last November. At the event, Menno gave a talk about the 5G-Xcast project and its focus on providing broadcast in 5G for various use-cases and drilled down further to the Public Warning use-case. In addition, the [...]

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