Dr. Louis Christodoulou presented the 5G-Xcast project in the IEEE 5G Summit Thessaloniki (http://www.5gsummit.org/index.htm) with emphasis on how we could leverage broadcast in 5G to great benefit in key verticals. The very use cases and verticals the 5G-Xcast project will directly address resonated throughout the day, certainly with respect to the challenge and demand of multimedia delivery, namely video content. These cases were made from all sides, including operators and vendors.  Slicing concepts also featured prominently in the discussions throughout the day. The 5G-Xcast project served as a great reminder to the potentials of correctly integrated PTM solutions in the future of 5G and how they will prove a crucial tool to reaching the targets set out by the technology.

Download Slides: https://5g-xcast.eu/pub_downloads/2017-5GXCast_IEEE-5G_Summit_Thessaloniki_Full.pdf