5G-Xcast has completed the work in D6.1 for the initial planning of test-beds, showcases, demonstrators and trials development, carried out within WP6 in the first year of the project. Although the work in D6.1 will not be public, it serves as a reference for the rest of public deliverables in WP6.

The use cases to be demonstrated belong to two verticals: Media and Entertainment and Public Warning. In particular, trials will be carried out for Hybrid Broadcast Service, Object Based Broadcasting, Public Warning, and Flexible Spectrum Utilization. Hybrid Broadcasting Service will be implemented in the IRT test-bed in Munich where three setups are planned incorporating components from project partners:

  1. Simultaneous delivery of linear TV and on-demand content,
  2. Multi-network connectivity and seamless transition between networks, and
  3. Dynamic allocation of unicast/multicast according to traffic demand.

Object Based Broadcasting trials will be conducted in 5GIC test-bed in Guildford. Public Warning trials will be conducted in the TUAS Turku test-bed and will incorporate broadcast transmission of multimedia public warning messages. Spectrum trials will also be carried out in the TUAS Turku test-bed and will focus on flexible spectrum allocation mechanisms and their evolution towards 5G.

In addition to the trials in the test-beds, technology demonstrators are developed to illustrate functionalities of certain parts of the system. The demonstrators will be shown at selected events (i.e. EUCNC 2018, IBC 2018, MWC 2019, EUCNC 2019). Furthermore, a showcase will be organized in connection with the European Championships 2018 to demonstrate the Hybrid Broadcast Service.

To enable the foreseen trials, further development of the test-beds is required. Elements such as DASH-streaming, Multilink and MBMS Operation On-Demand (3GPP MooD) are to be implemented in the IRT test-bed for the trials of Hybrid Broadcast Service. Similarly, Object Based Broadcasting elements are being added to 5GIC test-bed and the necessary components for the Public Warning and the Spectrum Manager are being implemented in the TUAS test-bed.

The 5G-Xcast has identified some possibilities for collaboration in the trials with other 5G-PPP Phase 2 projects. The considered projects are Sat-5G, 5G-MoNArch and 5G Media with common partners with 5G-Xcast. The discussions between the projects are ongoing.

Further development of demonstrators and test-beds and the conducting of trials will be reported in the subsequent WP6 deliverables D6.2 “Development of Showcase and Demonstrators” and D6.3 “Test-Beds Integration and Development”. Both deliverables are due to be published in February 2019.