Deliverable D3.1 – LTE-Advanced Pro Broadcast Radio Access Network Benchmark – Now Available

We are proud to share WP3 deliverable D3.1 "LTE-Advanced Pro Broadcast Radio Access Network Benchmark"; now available for download below (Also in our downloads section): Download Download [PDF ~6.5MB] Executive Summary This document evaluates the performance of the latest radio enhancements of eMBMS LTE-Advanced Pro as per 3GPP Relelease-14, within which 3GPP has [...]

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Deliverable D5.1 – Content Delivery Vision – Now Available

We are proud to share our first WP5 deliverable outlining our "Content Delivery Vision"; now available for download below (Also in our downloads section): Download Download [PDF ~800KB] Executive Summary There is a growing demand from operators to deploy converged video delivery solutions across all their networks (fixed and mobile) and across [...]

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5G-Xcast at EBU Forecast 2017

Several Members from the 5G-XCast consortium presented at the EBU Forecast 2017 seminar which took place at the EBU in Geneva ( The seminar looks forward, asking how media content will be delivered in five, ten or 15 years’ time; looking at the evolution of consumption patterns, media genres and distribution technologies. Steve Appleby (BT) - [...]

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IEEE BMSB 2018 – Workshop on Point-to-Multipoint as Key Technology Element for 5G Systems

The 5G-Xcast project is organising a workshop during the IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB) in June 2018 (Valencia, Spain). The workshop is titled “Point-to-Multipoint as Key Technology Element for 5G Systems”. IEEE BMSB 2018 will be also organised by Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), member of the 5G-Xcast consortium. [...]

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IEEE 5G World Forum 2018 – Disrupting Media and Entertainment in the 5G Era

The 5G-Xcast project is organising a special session during the IEEE 5G World Forum July 2018 in Santa Clara, California, USA.  This is focused in the "Media and Entertainment" vertical and titled "Disrupting Media and Entertainment in the 5G Era" There is already a diverse and interesting lineup of Keynote Speakers with further updates on [...]

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5GPPP Phase II Research & Innovation Projects Brochure

The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) have released a brochure on the Second Wave of Research & Innovation Projects of which we are part. This includes a nice outline of the 5G-Xcast Project's: Main Objectives Applications Technical and Research Challenges Expected Impact The full brochure also includes an introduction to the 5G PPP partnership as well [...]

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Deliverable D2.1 – Definition of Use Cases, Requirements and KPIs – Now Available

We are proud to share our first WP2 deliverable on the "Definition of Use Cases, Requirements and KPIs"; now available for download [PDF] in our downloads section. Download PDF [~1MB] Executive Summary: This document describes the use cases identified in task T2.1 and specifies their respective requirements and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as defined in [...]

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PIMRC 2017 Panel on Unlicensed spectrum

Dr. Belkacem Mouhouche, represented 5G-Xcast project at the IEEE PIMRC 2017 conference where he participated in a Panel discussion on “Unlicensed spectrum potential for 5G” along with representatives from Qualcomm, InterDigital and Comcast. Belkacem gave a presentation on the 5G-Xcast project’s scope and objectives and then explored some point to multipoint applications that might use [...]

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Presentation of 5G-Xcast at DTG Spectrum Access Forum

Dr. David Vargas from BBC presented the 5G-Xcast project at the DTG Spectrum Access forum in London, UK. The DTG is a UK innovation centre in digital media technology with industry members across digital media chain. David provided an overview of the goals and research topics addressed in the 5G-Xcast project which was very well [...]

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5G-Xcast participates at IEEE 5G Summit Montreal

Belkacem Mouhouche from Samsung, 5G-Xcast dissemination leader, participated at the 5G Summit in Montreal held in parallel with the IEEE PIMRC 2017 conference. Belkacem gave a talk on the “challenge of broadcast support in future 5G networks”. During his talk, Belkacem insisted on the utility of Point to Multipoint transmissions and their role in future [...]

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